Schedule – Spring 2016

This schedule, which may be updated or revised frequently as we go along, gives the approximate pace at which I will cover the topics in the book, which we will go through from cover to cover (not counting the appendix) with only a few possible omissions depending on time.
Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the assigned reading even if I don’t necessarily cover some topics in class.

# Date Topics Reading Assignments Remarks
Week 1
1Tue Jan 19Course overview; What is radiation?1–16All problems in the assigned reading except where noted.  I will spot check only. Solutions will be provided for self-checking.
2Thu Jan 21Physical properties of radiation.17–32
Week 2
3Tue Jan 26Flux and intensity33–54HW1 due (previous week’s material)
4Thu Jan 28The EM spectrum55–73
Week 3
5Tue Feb 2Refraction & reflection in homogeneous media74–95HW2 due
6Thu Feb 4Radiative properties of natural surfaces96–112
Week 4
7Tue Feb 9Introduce Streamer ProjectHW3 due
8Thu Feb 11Thermal emission113–130
Week 5
9Tue Feb 16Simple radiative budget problems131–148HW4 due
10Thu Feb 18Applications of thermal imaging148–154
Week 6
11Tue Feb 23Transmission and optical properties155–174HW5 due
12Thu Feb 25Transmission spectrum of the atmosphere175–187
Week 7
13Tue Mar 1Absorption weighting functions; transmission in clouds188–203HW6 due
14Thu Mar 3Atmospheric emission204–218
Week 8
15Tue Mar 8Applications in remote sensing219–235Streamer project due
16Thu Mar 10Introduce Weighting Function projectHW7 due
Week 9
17Tue Mar 15MIDTERM (Chs. 1–8)
Spring Break
XTue Mar 22Spring Break
XThu Mar 24Spring Break
Week 10
19Tue Mar 29236-250
20Thu Mar 31251-267
Week  11
21Tue Apr 5267-282HW8 due
22Thu Apr 7Introduce Monte Carlo project
Week 12
23Tue Apr 12283-296HW9 dueWeighting function project due.
24Thu Apr 14297-307
Week 13
25Tue Apr 19308-319HW10 due
26Thu Apr 21320-342
Week 14
27Tue Apr 26343-364HW11 due
28Thu Apr 28365-386
Week 15
29Tue May 3387-405HW12 due
30Thu May 5406-426Monte Carlo project due
Final Monday 9 May FINAL EXAM  10:05 AM–12:05 PM