Schedule S17 – ATM OCN 340

Class periodDateTopicReadingAssignmentRemarks
Week 1
1Wed Jan 18OverviewHandouts
2Fri Jan 20Aerosol propertiesACPP 1–5
Week 2
3Mon Jan 23Reynolds number; particle fall speedsACPP 5–11
4Wed Jan 25Particle size distributionsACPP 12–14
5Fri Jan 27Particle size distributions (cont.)ACPP 15–18
Week 3
6Mon Jan 30Box models; aerosol sources and sinksACPP 19–26
7Wed Feb 1Sources and sinks, cont.” “
8Fri Feb 3Nucleation of condensationACPP 27–31
Week 4
9Mon Feb 6Köhler curve and CCNACPP 32–38
10Wed Feb 8Diffusion equation; droplet growth by condensationACPP 40–45
11Fri Feb 10Warm and cold clouds; collision/coalescenceACPP 46–51
Week 5
12Mon Feb 13Cold cloud types; ice nucleiACPP 52–55
13Wed Feb 15Cold cloud precipitation processesACPP 56–58
14Fri Feb 17review for midterm
Week 6
15Mon Feb 20no class
16Wed Feb 22no class
17Fri Feb 24no class
Week 7
18Mon Feb 27Midterm
19Wed Mar 1Midterm discussion
20Fri Mar 3Overview of atmospheric radiationFCAR 1–101.2
Week 8
21Mon Mar 6Overview (cont.); photon nature of light11–20, 22–232.1, 2.3 (b and c; assume that the answer to part a is 5×10^6 J/m^2)
22Wed Mar 8Flux & intensity33–43, 46–482.11, 2.12, 2.16
23Fri Mar 10Global insolation49–54
Week 9
24Mon Mar 13EM spectrum55–683.1
25Wed Mar 15Photochemistry; index of refraction69–73, 74–78
26Fri Mar 17Reflection and refraction82–894.1, 4.2, 4.3
Spring Break
XSat Mar 18Sun Mar 26Spring Break
Week 10
27Mon Mar 27Geometric optics; rainbow and halo90–95Link to some interesting examples
28Wed Mar 29Natural surfaces; graybody approximation; VIS imagery96–101, 108–1125.1, 5.2, 5.5
29Fri Mar 31Radiation laws113–1226.3, 6.4
Week 11
30Mon Apr 3Emissivity, brightness temperature123–1306.6, 6.7, 6.11
31Wed Apr 5Radiative balance problems132–1486.16, 6.20
32Fri Apr 7IR and microwave imaging148–1546.26
Week 12
33Mon Apr 10Review
34Wed Apr 12Midterm
35Fri Apr 14Midterm discussion
Week 13
36Mon Apr 17Beer’s Law, transmission, optical depth155–1687.3, 7.5
37Wed Apr 19Plane-parallel approximation; atmospheric transmission spectrum169–173, 174–1847.7,7.8
38Fri Apr 21Application of plane -parallel radiative transfer185-187
Week 14
39Mon Apr 24Optical thickness of clouds194–2007.12
40Wed Apr 26Emission in the atmosphere, interpreting atmospheric spectra210–211, 218–227,

8.8, 8.10 (problem continues on the next page)  Due Monday!

41Fri Apr 28Remote sensing, scattering by particles228–235, 343–347
Week 15
42Mon May 1Rayleigh scattering, radar observations of precipitation356–358, 375–381

12.7, 12.8, 12.9

Due Thursday! (Put in my box on the 8th floor)

43Wed May 3Review